Sightseeing Spots

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter[Ohara Museum, Kurashiki IB Square, etc]


Within 10-minute walk from the hotel

Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter was built as a residence of local administration officer in early Edo period, particularly in Kanei 19 (1642). Ever since then, this area became the center of economy of the Southern part of Chugoku region. Also known as one of the largest industrial towns in Western Japan, the scenery of the olden days are well preserved here. You can find white earthen-walled warehouses and villas along the Kurashiki River and Mt. Tsurugata.

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Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki[Ario Kurashiki, Kurashiki Mirai Park, etc]


Within 5-minute walk from the hotel

Mitsui Outlet Park is the biggest outlet mall in Chugoku region, and it is located in the same area with Ario Kurashiki (large commercial facility) and government managed Kurashiki Mirai Park. The outlet mall accommodates 120 shops in total, which 6 of them are the brands’ first branches in Japan, and 112 of them are the brands’ first branches in Chugoku region.

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Mt. Washuzan Park Road[Former Mt. Washuzan Skyline Road]


Within 40-minute drive from the hotel

Mt. Washuzan Park Road connects Kojima-hanto and Mt. Washuzan, and it is the best spot for you to stare at the gorgeous view of the city of Kojima and Port of Mizushima. This road is also popular for its breathtaking night view as well. You can also stare at the tremendous Shimotsui – Seto Bridge from the Southern part of this road (nearby Washuzan Highland).

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Port of Mizushima[Industrial Area of Port of Mizushima]


Within 30-minute drive from the hotel

With an area of 2,500 ha, Port of Mizushima accommodates more than 200 factories. Accommodating factories for oil refining, steel production and car manufacturing, The Industrial Area of Port of Mizushima is the most important heavy chemical industrial area in Japan. The light up view of this area at night is priceless and breathtaking as well.

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Restaurant & Bar


The street right next to the hotel


Kurashiki Station’s Restaurant District


Downtown area of Motomachi Street

Our hotel is located nearby the downtown area of Kurashiki, so you can find many restaurants and bars around the hotel. Please ask our front desk staffs for more information

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